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The Sex Question (8.20.12/Story 6)

Jason went for it, “Can I ask you a question?”

“Sure,” she smiled.

“Do you use me for sex?”

Do I use you for sex? You wish I used you for sex. The sex is good, don’t get me wrong, but I’ve had better without the headaches you cause me. I’m actually insulted by your question. Had you asked if I used you for your money, I could understand that, because sometimes I do. I also use you for your apartment when I need to escape my roommate, and your car since I don’t drive. I use you to make me laugh, to keep me company; I use you when I need a warm body to lie next to. I use you to fix my computer and various other electronics in my house. I use you as my date when I need one; I use you to massage my feet and my back. I use you to pull my hair, suck my toes, and nibble my thighs (sex related, but not sex, not really). I use your ear when I’m upset and need to vent. I use you to run errands for me, etc., etc., etc. Yes, I use you, for many things, but for sex? You struck out on that one. Wrong question completely. Any woman can go out and find herself some carefree, no-strings-attached, dirty, unemotional sex with a caveman who wants to be used, and not have to deal with anyone’s feelings or silly ass questions. And the caveman would know to just enjoy the fucking and not bog down the whole experience with a question that has insecure written all over it in neon flashing lights. When you don’t know  when you’ll see someone again, or what they do when you’re not around; and when you do see them it’s just for sex, that’s a relationship of mutual sexual usage, which is usually fun, but we don’t have that.  So please, don’t lose your cool because I like sex and I like it often. I’m enjoying myself. Don’t ruin a good thing.

Shay watched Jason as he slid down toward the edge of her bed to collect his clothes off the bedroom floor. She loved watching him move—six feet tall, lean build with thin muscles, and skin the color of freshly ground cocoa. He hopped a little as he pulled up his denim jeans; Shay watched the workings of his back while he struggled to get his head through the top of his sweatshirt. She couldn’t help but picture a well oiled, finely tuned machine working in perfect harmony underneath his dark chocolate skin.

Jason slowly turned around and worked his eyes up from the bottom of her sun-bronzed feet with her red toenails, passed the silhouette of her bare body, to the warm smile planted on her face as she sat at the top of her bed, with her back against the wall.

Jason went for it, “Can I ask you a question?”

“Sure,” she smiled.

“Do you use me for sex?”

Shay paused, then slowly stood up in the bed and walked over to Jason and positioned herself in front of him. The support of the bed added six inches to her height over his. She grabbed his face with both of her hands, stared into his eyes before she closed her own, and kissed his lips. She placed his arms around her waist and put her arms over his shoulders and pulled him into her.

“No,” she whispered in his ear.



The Last Kiss Stings – Poem (5/.26.12/Poem 1)

Here’s the first poem to my Poetry Project: The Last Kiss Stings. It is definitely a work in progress. The devil line is really bugging me, and I’m working on the two lines before the last, they don’t seem to have much of an impact.

Here’s the audio of my reading:

Here’s the poem:

The Last Kiss Stings



150 proof in one shot down the back of your throat,

the residual tingly sting atop the tongue

that drives you to suck the roof of your mouth for relief,

the inner blaze forcing your eyes wide shut, nostrils to flare,

ooooh the better to taste you with

my dear,

nerve provoked by the strut of your body,

the fire in your belly

rearing your coy barefaced-devil

who needs just




while your bloodstream

soaks up the spirit

and it flows through you,

exercising itself

freely and finally

as it’s leaving,

releasing itself

as cool fluid down the side of your face.


And then gone.

Hope You Enjoyed!

Constructive Criticism always welcome!