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Versatile Blogger Award!!!

This is in my “Say What?” Category, but for real, Say Whaaaaaat? Lol

I’ve been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award!

I feel honored that people read my blog, super honored that people actually enjoy it, and super duper honored that someone felt it was award worthy!

And that person is Manu Kurup!!! Thank you so very much, your support is much appreciated!

I hope I continue to write posts that people enjoy on a consistent basis, no matter what I said in yesterday’s post ( When I was younger I Used to Apologize to my Diary…)!! I won’t call it pressure, but I feel encouraged by this sweet little award!

So, I will pass this forward, and these are the rules!

1. Thank the person (People) who nominated you and link back to their blog(s).

2. List seven random things about yourself.

3.  Nominate fifteen other blogs.

4.  Notify the fifteen nominees.

5.  Put the award logo on your blog.


1. Again, Thank you Manu Kurup! I’m glad you enjoy reading my ramblings here!

2. This is interesting because I’ve listed 25 random things about myself in my About Me section, but I’m sure I can scrounge up 7 more:

A) I’ve been saying forever that I want to go to the movie theater alone (there will probably be a post about this), But I am still apprehensive. I know this is not the case, but it’s ingrained it in my head that I will look like an ugly lonely loser! <~~What’s really ugly are those thoughts.

B) I’ve recently become addicted to True Blood and spent an embarrassing amount of time catching up on old episodes! (Like 10 hours embarrassing, in one day!)

C) I google everything. If I’m on the phone and having a conversation with someone, I’ll google half the things we talk about.  Subsequently I find it strange when people ask me how to spell something or any other information that can be found in any computer or smartphone, app, or website. And mostly anything can be found somewhere on the internet.

D) Occasionally I cook from recipes and the meals usually come out great, sometimes with some necessary tweaking. BUT, I recently had a wild craving for falafel and I made some, and was seriously underwhelmed. I think it was a bad recipe because they were, for the most part, flavorless and half of them disintegrated in the oil…not fun!

E) I’m visiting a new dentist tomorrow and I hope I don’t have a Little Shop of Horrors experience!

F) I really wish I could draw (perhaps that’s why I like to color), but I just don’t seem to have the hand/eye for it.

G) I love Autumn/Winter and the clothes that come with those two seasons (colors, scarves, hats , boots, coats, etc.!

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What Color Are My Eyes?

This is hilarious, and of course completely in jest: I’ve never had this problem!!! -MS

Humorous Dispassionate

If a Man Remembers the Colors of your Eyes on a First Date !
That Means you have Small Boobs !!

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Curiosity Killed the Cat, So They Say… (8.14.12/Poem 7)

Curiosity Killed the Cat, So They Say…

Curiosity Killed the Cat—

      What does this really mean?

Did Curiosity seep into his mind

And poison his sweetest dreams?

Did Curiosity tie him up

And make him scream his name?

Did Curiosity ease him along

And watch him burn in flames?

Or did Curiosity take the wheel

And drive the cat insane?

What if the cat was a martyr

And made sound judgment calls?

Should we be blaming Curiosity

For giving the cat some balls?

Consider that the Cat

Had a mission at his paws!?

You know, I think I like the cat.

A kitty for the cause.

I know!

 I think I’ll praise the cat.

For you – THE CAT – Applause!


Feel Good Music: Music That Makes Me Happy, Maybe You Too!

Plinky Prompt: Name a Song That Always Put You In a Good Mood

I live for music, so this is a great Plinky prompt! There’s not “a” song, but many songs that do the trick. If you need to be stimulated into a good mood, choose your medicine (listed in no particular order):

1. Music – Eric Sermon & Marvin Gaye

2. I Would Die 4 U – Prince

3. 49 percent – Royksopp

4. Nah Let Go – Gyptian

5. Adorn – Miguel

6. Dog Days Are Over – Florence + The Machine

7. Beautiful People – Chris Brown

8. Fool For You – Cee Lo Green

9. Free – Graffiti6

10. Count Your Blessings – Nas & Damian Marley

11. Touch The Sky – Kanye West

12. Pleasure Principle – Janet Jackson

13. Million Dollar Bill – Whitney Houston

14. Rock With You – Michael Jackson

15. Just Say Yes – Snow Patrol

16. Praise You – Fatboy Slim

17. Nfana Ibaga (No Problem) – 2Face Idibia

18. Right Now (Na Na Na) – Akon

19. I Gotta Feeling – Black Eyed Peas

20. Lose Myself – Lauryn Hill

21. Precious – Esperanza Spalding

22. Do For Love – 2Pac

23. Turn & Wine – Vybz Kartel

24. Cold War – Janelle Monae

25. Powerful Stuff – Sean Hayes

26. Valio La Pena (Salsa Version) – Marc Anthony

27. Each Other – Kelly Rowland

28. We Found Love – Rihanna

29. Yamaha – The Dream

30. Girls Dem Sugar – Beenie Man ft. Mya

31. Feeling Good – Nina Simone

32. Fireflies – Owl City

33. When Love Takes Over – David Guetta Ft Kelly Rowland

34. End Of Time – Beyonce

35. When We Fall In – Sean Hayes

36. Good Love – Mary J. Blige ft. T. I.

37. Be – Common

38. Number One – R. Kelly

39. My Prerogative – Bobby Brown

40. Escapade – Janet Jackson

41. Love You Long Time – Jazmine Sullivan

42. Good Life – Kanye West

43. My Sweetie – Wale

44. Umi Says – Mos Def

45. There Goes My Baby – Usher

46. I’m Yours – Jason Mraz

47. Love On Top – Beyonce

48. Sunshowers – M.I.A.

49. Still not a Player – Big Pun ft. Joe

50. Give Me Everything – Pitbull ft. Ne-Yo, Afrojack, & Naya

I could keep going, but I had to stop somewhere. LOL

I had fun writing this! I’m definitely in a good mood now!

 Let me know your favorites, or pick something you’ve never heard, tell me how you feel!

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