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Glorious (3.24.2013/Poem 13)


I don’t want a lifetime—
that’s too long
I don’t need a decade
for your love
But you’ve caught me at my peak
And this I’d like to keep
in mind
For as long as remembrance will allow

Push me to my Precipice
Help me to my Zenith
Bring me to my Crowning Moment
And Kiss my Feet

Make this one sticky memory last
The rest of my Glorious days
And please make it Good



Love Widow (7.30.12/Story 5)

Love Widow (Draft 1)

They loved.

Harder than they should have, and he was a performer. He talked the talk, he walked the walk, and she relished every second of it. He was purely genuine, and she felt it in every vertebrae of her spine as he rubbed his hands along the small of her back.

She allowed herself to be pulled in and he kissed her deeply, her body pulsating in tandem with the beat of his heart as she felt him smile against her lips.

She absorbed her energy from the black of the night sky; he held on for dear life. She palmed his head and nibbled, then bit down sharply. His body grew limp. No fight; no retaliation; no resentment. He lay there crumpled—in bits and pieces— as she finished him off, and her belly rounded out to the extent of its fullness.


(Kinda loving these little stories that end around the 100-200 word mark. Definitely want to work on filling them out and really making them come to life!)

The Other Woman (6.20.12/Poem 4)

The Other Woman

The world is upside down,

my cynical side is showing,

and positivity is positively


Crushed hard by gravity,

craving depravity,

I just want to

be a dirty girl

love bad man

have wild sex

eat greasy food

cut school

skip work

smoke a lot of weed

live a champagne life

party all night

get drunk

Black Out

never think about what happened

and do it all over again,

conveniently forgetting

 to feel guilty

about any of it.


Plinky Prompt: What Are Your Favorite Foods to Throw on the Grill?

Summer Grillin’


The grill adds something magnificent to most foods! That smokey delicious flavor and the oh-so-attractive grill lines! Yum! My mouth is watering for a summer BBQ riiiight now! My favorites: Chicken or shrimp kabobs with onions, peppers, & tomatoes; hot dogs, which are normally anything but gourmet, but the Grill adds magic to them; cheeseburgers (minus the pink slime); and some good old fashion corn on the cob! My side dish: potato or macaroni salad, no relish, pleeeeaasseee! :)

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