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The Last Kiss Stings – Poem (5/.26.12/Poem 1)

Here’s the first poem to my Poetry Project: The Last Kiss Stings. It is definitely a work in progress. The devil line is really bugging me, and I’m working on the two lines before the last, they don’t seem to have much of an impact.

Here’s the audio of my reading:

Here’s the poem:

The Last Kiss Stings



150 proof in one shot down the back of your throat,

the residual tingly sting atop the tongue

that drives you to suck the roof of your mouth for relief,

the inner blaze forcing your eyes wide shut, nostrils to flare,

ooooh the better to taste you with

my dear,

nerve provoked by the strut of your body,

the fire in your belly

rearing your coy barefaced-devil

who needs just




while your bloodstream

soaks up the spirit

and it flows through you,

exercising itself

freely and finally

as it’s leaving,

releasing itself

as cool fluid down the side of your face.


And then gone.

Hope You Enjoyed!

Constructive Criticism always welcome!