Friday Fictioneers: Relief (6.1.12/Week 2)

Stumbled upon the Blog of Madison Woods and discovered her fabulous idea for Flash Fiction: Friday Fictioneers! A great way to generate ideas, and receive opinions, praise, critiques, etc. from fellow writers.

The goal is to write a 100 word story inspired by a picture that is posted every Wednesday. On Friday, we post our stories, and indulge in everyone’s short pieces. Interesting fun!

Her Blog:

This week’s inspiration:

My story (Enjoy!):


I ran, jogging around in circles, sun beating against my face. No mercy at 95°, high noon. I felt a second chin this morning covering the sweet spot on my neck. Plump, malleable, soft to the touch, but unforgiving—knowing it had purpose. I hated it, but it was beginning to love me. I ran, sweat pouring down my cheek, gathering in a pool between my breasts. I dabbed, and must have tripped over myself. Lying face down, my chin melting into concrete, needing help; all I could picture: myself, a cup of shaved ice and a snow-capped mountain—forever.

(Open to constructive criticism, of course)



26 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: Relief (6.1.12/Week 2)”

  1. Welcome to the Fictioneers. It’s always nice to see a fresh face (and read a fresh take on the pictures!). This sounds like running in Virginia. I used to honestly feel like I was melting some days. But…it was not my chin that forced me on…but my…uh…butt. haha

  2. Yours is the fifth I have read, and just like everyone else well done! I don’t know how you guys write such great things from the pictures. Well done, I like it

  3. Hi Monique,
    Yours is the fifth one I’m commenting on, and I really liked the physical feelings you evoked from start to finish in the piece. I really felt I was inhabiting that body, from workout to splat. Interesting!
    Laura Hoopes

  4. I enjoyed it :) Glad she was taking the initiative (I should probably join her!) but sad that she ended up in trouble because of it. Definitely hope she makes it off of that mountain.

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