Friday Fictioneers: The Light (5.25.12/Week 1)

So I’ve stumbled upon the Blog of Madison Woods and discovered her fabulous idea for Flash Fiction: Friday Fictioneers! It seems like a great way to generate ideas, and receive opinions, praise, critiques, etc. from fellow writers.

The goal is to write a 100 word story inspired by a picture that is posted every Wednesday. On Friday, everyone posts their stories, and we indulge in everyone’s short pieces. It definitely sounds like fun!

Her Blog:

Here is the inspiration:

Here is my story (or play, since it’s only dialogue), and I’ve added audio, just in case you want to listen:

The Light

“Don’t go.”

“I want the Light.”

“Fuck Brown, the sun is shining!”

“Calm down, your bursa copulatrix is showing.”

“You know I lost Blue to that light.”

“Blue was already lost, even after you tried to find her with your aedeagus.”

“I’ve apologized. Let’s talk, again.”

“No more words. I’m going.”

“It’ll kill you!”

“Then I’ll die.”

“And me?”

“You’ll live.”

“That’s dramatic.”

“Yup. Now, come with me or watch me leave.”


“Fine. I was born alone, and made to fly, not to hide behind brick walls and be held back, by you.”

“I’ll miss you.”

“I Hope so.”

*The End*

Hope you enjoyed!

(Open to Constructive Criticism , of course)




17 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: The Light (5.25.12/Week 1)”

  1. Loved the line “I was born alone, and made to fly.” Really cool dialogue between these two moths in the middle of a crisis that goes beyond just “the light!”

  2. Hi Monique: Welcome to Friday Fictioneers. Your curmudgeon moth’s banter was delightful…however…the few months I’ve been with Fictioneers, I’ve found very few members have found it necessary to use curse words. For me, personally, I think it cheapens the work. Thanks for stopping by with your lovely comments.

    1. Thanks for commenting, I appreciate you stopping by! And your comment about cursing has made me think a little bit, but I still disagree with you. I don’t believe it cheapens my work at all, it’s just a matter of style. An appropriately placed curse word can provide just the effect I was going for, so I’ll use it. The people I know curse, and it is these people I aim to represent. My writing is down to earth, and my characters often have a crude edge to them. My NYC construction worker would never say freakin’ instead of fuckin’ when he’s yelling at the cab driver who just almost ran him over. For me, characters that are not so eloquent are way more fun to voice!

      Although, I would like to ask, since you used “freakin’” in your Flash this week, what’s the difference between freakin’ and fuckin’ except the difference in personality of the characters that would use these words?

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