Poetry Project (Drafts Only)

I am bad HORRIBLE at completing poems and laying them to rest without feeling the need to tinker, tinker, tinker…

So I’m starting the Poetry Project:

I aim to post at least one poem a week (as time permits), whether I think it’s complete or not. Especially if it’s not.

It is my goal to become comfortable knowing that my work has been sent out into the world and that my head will not explode as a result!


With that said,

Any poems I post are IN PROGRESS and I consider them DRAFTS, unless stated otherwise!

I’d like to be officially published somewhere, someday, so I’m saving Final Drafts for my Hopes & Dreams!

Feel free to leave comments praising my genius, hate-mail, constructive criticism, knee-jerk reactions, etc.

Just don’t judge me too harshly based on what you see here. None of it is polished!



4 thoughts on “Poetry Project (Drafts Only)”

  1. the poets billow is designed for writers like you – those who revise and ask their friends and community for help. You should check us out. Good luck with all your writing endeavors.


    1. Thanks Rob, I’ve taken a look at your site & it looks great. Hope to be able to use it as a resource. I’ve been wanting to put my work out there. This may be a good place to start!

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